Hosemen, Glass Divide, Condition Zero

Hosemen is an all original power trio from Stamford, CT. We offer a unique blend of alternative rock with traces of metal & punk. Our shows are filled with high energy & passion which will lure you into a journey of melodic overtones; hooks, and lyrics. We have just recorded our
debut album with our friend and highly decorated producer /engineer Richard Corsello.

Glass Divide

We're a metal band assembled in the bowels of an old factory building.

Condition Zero

Condition Zero is a Melodic metalcore band that hails from central Connecticut thats set to release in late 2018. With members coming from bands such as Vena Amoris, Shattershpere, and Dread the Woods, Condition Zero is sure to turn the heavy metal scene on its end. The sounds of Condition Zero will no doubt be flooding mosh pits for ages to come by introducing melodic speed riffs mixed with sheer brutality while telling intricate stories with the lyrical content. Stories that all their fans get to hear.



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