Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard is a doom / stoner band from Dorset, England. Born out the ashes of his previous projects Lord of Putrefaction, Thy Grief Eternal and Eternal (5), Electric Wizard was formed in 1995 by Jus(tin) Oborn (guitar, vocals), together with Tim Bagshaw (bass) and Mark Greening (drums). In February 2003 Tim and Mark left the band to form their new project Ramesses. The remaining founder of Electric Wizard got other musicians on board and in 2011 was rejoined by original drummer Mark Greening.

The current line up consists of Jus Oborn (guitar, vocals), Liz Buckingham (guitar), Clayton Burgess (bass) and Simon Poole (drums).

A speed/thrash/black/heavy metal band formed in 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio.

While a number of members have played in the band for live performances, all recorded music is written and performed exclusively by Athenar.

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