Old Self & Nigel, Height Keech, kwanduit, Fet/Ki, Dohzi

Old Self & Nigel

OLD SELF is an aging millennial (excuse me Willennial) rap man. As a lyricist, performance artist, and cofounder of internationally renowned DIY venue Crunch House, OLD SELF has established himself as a pillar of the independent rap community and has become a staple of the New Haven and NYC rap scenes. Through occasional touring and local supporting roles OLD SELF has proven he isn’t afraid to have a pizza delivered to the stage. He has shared bills with notable acts such as Homeboy Sandman, Open Mike Eagle, and Quelle Chris, just to name a few.

After years of anticipation, OLD SELF finally gives us his debut album, Word Art Gallery, an engaging excursion in late-stage capitalism rap. This album is a suburban junk culture masterpiece located at the corner of nostalgia sickness and meaningless materialism, somewhere along the path of the forever-adolescent search for happiness. OLD SELF welcomes you to the Word Art Gallery via we are the karma kids, available now on CD, cassette, digital download, and all major streaming services.

Height Keech

I’m Height, a rapper / talk-singer from Baltimore, MD. I’ve been putting out albums and touring non-stop since 1999. Over the last few years, I’ve released three guitar-based records. (Talk Singer, Bed Of Seeds and Rock and Roll) I’ve also released a three album trilogy which pays tribute to rap’s roots. Of my older material, I would recommend 2007’s Winterize The Game.


Kwanduit is a CT based producer who has been drumming for almost twice as long as he has been making his own productions and crafting his sound. Trained by a contemporary music school he has learned how to navigate analog and digital components to his sound. He is versed in playing instruments and using samples to help craft his production that compliment his drumming technique in a live or recorded setting. You will find him using influences from music with soulful elements or textural rhythmic qualities making his live performance a spectacle to experience.




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