Emo Night Brooklyn, William Ryan Key

Emo Night Brooklyn

Were you there when we sang "Only One" WITH Ryan of Yellowcard? How about when we raged after the Re-Birth tour WITH Underoath? It truly has been a dream come true Vegas.

So we decided we're going to get out of Brooklyn again on July 15th to rage with all of you again! This time, after a special concert happening across the street 🙂

If you haven't been to an ENB before..walk through those doors and time travel back to a different time: when jeans were tight and fringes were long. Sing like no one's listening, slowdance on the inside, crowd surf to the back bar, find your punk rock princess (or garage band king) and down some shots! If you're lucky.. you'll make it all the way to 4am 🙂

As usual, more announcements to come including free giveaways, **Special Guests** and more. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date @EmoNight_BK

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