Fast, melodic, crushing, and technical Currents the 5-piece outfit hailing from Newtown, CT are ready to break every stereotype you have about the metal genre. Originally formed in 2009 Currents began gaining momentum with help from their strong local fan base. After countless shows and multiple releases the band settled into a solidified line up Spring 2015 and is here to stay. With new vocalist Brian Wille at the helm the band is stronger than ever. His expanded vocal range and crisp clean vocals add a dynamic to the band that will draw you in and leave you wanting more. Mix that together with riffs from Chris Wiseman and Ryan Castaldi alongside Jeff Brown and Dee Cronkite in the rhythm section and you have a recipe for success.


5-piece Hardcore band from Hartford, CT

2014-07-04 Single - Two Faced
2015-01-20 Single - Swine
2015-05-12 Single - Worm Den
2015-06-00 EP (Scrapped) - Solitude
2015-10-27 EP - Defector
2016-00-00 Single - Sour Mouth
2017-03-27 EP - Hartford County Misery
2018-05-15 EP - Spring Demonstration
2019-02-22 EP - My Body In Bloom

Savage Hands

$13.00 - $15.00


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