We Should All Be Mirandas, with Chelsea Fairless & Lauren Garroni

Chelsea Fairless

Fairless is a creative director and digital content creator. She worked as a freelance photo researcher and trend forecaster before joining VFILES, where she served as Fashion Director for five years. This past year, she launched Female Trouble, a line of home goods and apparel. This is her website.

Lauren Garroni

Garroni is a writer and director. She worked as a freelance fashion writer before moving into directing. Last year, her short film Dick Sisters played to rave reviews at the Frameline and NewFest film festivals. Most recently, she directed and co-wrote a campaign commercial for Cynthia Nixon featuring the comedian John Early.



We Should All Be Mirandas is a snarky guide to life inspired by the most underrated character on Sex and the City, from the creators of the Instagram sensation @everyoutfitonSATC.

When Sex and the City premiered, many were hesitant to identify as the Miranda of their social circle—after all, sarcasm, workaholism, and dubious fashion choices are rarely considered aspirational. However, in the two-plus decades since her television debut, our culture has finally caught up with this forward-thinking icon and all she represents. The truth is, Miranda Hobbes is the feminist hero that we deserve— we were all just too busy obsessing over Carrie’s corset tops to notice it at first.

Written by two self-proclaimed Mirandas, this humorous manifesto distills Ms. Hobbes’ core principles into a strategic guide for navigating life’s inevitable ups and downs.

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