Thank You Scientist

Thank You Scientist

Prog/avant rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Most of the members are former students of Berklee College of Music.

The Tea Club

THE TEA CLUB is an independent progressive rock band from New Jersey which is known for writing songs of an epic nature with elements of experimental rock and space-rock. A major part of the band's signature sound are the dual vocals and harmonies of Patrick and Dan McGowan, as well as their usage of unique guitar chords and chord patterns, often times played in alternate tunings. Patrick and Dan also draw nearly all of the band's album and promotional artwork.
THE TEA CLUB was formed in 2003. Between the inception and fall 2006, they independently recorded four EP's, one of which attracted the attention of sound producer Tim Gilles. He produced, recorded and mixed the band's first full length album entitled "General Winter's Secret Museum", which was released in July 2008. After briefly touring along the East Coast, the band returned to Big Blue Meenie Studios to record their second album in the fall of 2009. Produced again by Tim Gilles, the "Rabbit" album was released in October 2010. The band's third album "Quickly Quickly Quickly" was produced by Tim Gilles and released in November 2012.
THE TEA CLUB spent 2014 writing and recording their fourth album at Big Blue Meenie Studios. "Grappling" was released in November 2015.

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