Sound Culture

Sound Culture

After meeting at a wedding in October 2016, it was easy to see that love of music was in the air for these 5 dudes. Jams became practices. Practices became rehearsals. And before they knew it, Sound Culture was booked at the Masquerade, The Georgia Theatre, and Smith’s Olde Bar. After a few months of making a name for themselves in the Atlanta music scene, the band knew it was time to record and release some music.

Defined by their powerful vocals, smooth reggae pulse and big guitar solos, Sound Culture’s first EP release has given body to its vast collective of styles. Guitar-wielding brothers Shawn and Josh Lumsden shred riffs symptomatic of growing up to rock & roll in the American South. It’s been said more than once that Erik Gravy Graves’ voice resembles that of Brandon Boyd from Incubus. Graves’ longtime friend Brandon Street sends low frequency melodies through his nicely dialed G&L/Mark Bass rig. All of this to the beat of metal/country/reggae-inspired drummer Taylor Hunt.

Sound Culture has played dozens of shows across the state of Georgia, performing with bands such as STOPLIGHT OBSERVATIONS, IYA TERRA, KASH’D OUT, THE HOLDUP, THE RIES BROTHERS and PETER DANTE among many others. The band made their music festival debut at Alphapalooza in 2017 and again in 2018. In April 2019, Sound Culture won Atlanta’s 99x Talent Tap Battle of the Bands competition securing a spot to perform at the legendary Sweetwater 420 Fest. With plans to finish a full-length album and then strengthen their festival presence in the upcoming year, Sound Culture is fully prepared to headline or provide support for any shows in the immediate future.

Cody Marlowe

American born singer-songwriter and roots-rock artist Cody Marlowe found his inspiration at an early age in the soulful sounds of B.B. King, Merle Haggard, and the Allman Brothers. In the small town of Clermont, Georgia, Cody was born into a family of music. He learned how to play piano from his great-aunt and his mother, took guitar lessons with his grandpa and uncle, and was influenced vocally by his grandma, aunt, and sister. Katie (sister) sings with Cody in concerts and on many recordings. Marlowe’s songs explore the polarities of good and evil in an intriguing blend of lyrics featuring lost loves and hopeful musings.

His 2013 album, “Silver and Gold,” is his third release since his first EP, “Where You Are,” released in 2010 and his first full length, “Eighty Nine,” released in 2011. For "Silver and Gold," Marlowe teamed up with brothers, producer/drummer Kevin Sellors and bass player Ryan Sellors, to form the back-up band the Dead Flowers. During the recording process, Marlowe recruited Joey Huffman on organ (Hank Jr., Matchbox 20) and Nathan Bedingfield on electric guitar (Aaron Shust). “Silver and Gold” is a return to the roots of rock n roll, country, blues, and honest songwriting; reminiscent of Tom Petty and the Black Crowes but with a modern edge inspired by childhood in the 90’s.

Released in 2016, the EP entitled "Songs For Your Television" contains six songs; four original tunes and two public domain classics featuring their personal interpretation. Head Held High is featured on the TLC aired program "Welcome to Myrtle Manor." Rockin' Robin and Nobody Knows You were both used in independent short-films by Oakey Productions.

Cody's side project, "Foxhollow," is a folk rock band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by the songwriting duo, Cody Marlowe and Joel Hoffman, Foxhollow have toured regionally over the past 2 years with shows at Eddies Attic, Vinyl, and a show with Eddie Money at 37 Main. Foxhollow has one self-titled album featuring fan favorites such as "Hello" and "Crazy."

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