THIEF is a dark electronic project based in Los Angeles. Mixing a delicate relationship between choral and electronica – the sacred and the future – and featuring two live members of the highly acclaimed experimental black metal band Botanist, THIEF creates a new haunting story in the search for spirits in the machines.

THIEF’s debut LP 'Thieves Hymn in D Minor' throws away the use of synths and pads and is crafted almost entirely out of manipulated sacred orthodox music. It’s seven electronic tombs beautifully unravel over distorted beats creating a lush, shimmering atmosphere. Mixing electronica, trip hop, and experimental sounds together, Thieves Hymn in D Minor is available on vinyl through Lay Bare Recordings.

Silence In The Snow

SILENCE IN THE SNOW is new music from the haunted mind of Cyn M (voice/guitar) in collaboration with Andy Z (synthesizers).

The Oakland, CA duo share a history of conspiring musically in post-punk outfits Heart of Snow (GSL), Swann Danger (on experimental Swedish label Release the Bats), and currently in the dark-zone-desert-psych group, Malditos.

The duo's lush, sensual, tripped-out dreamy sounds are rooted firmly in a minimal expression. Reverberating tremolo guitars and sultry, commanding vocals conjure spacious atmospherics and melancholic echoes, punctuated by organ and synth sounds.

Black Needle Noise

BLACK NEEDLE NOISE is music for the movies you haven’t dreamt of yet! MusicalSoundscapes, Audio Alchemy, Sonic Sculptures, Ambient Black Magic, Glamour & Decay with Grindtronica Overtones. Taking you to a whole new level of Shinier, Richer, Darker,Noise PoP. So sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the ride of this Global Underworld Music.

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