Chris Brokaw, Bill Nace, Samara Lubelski, Mark Morgan

Chris Brokaw

Chris Brokaw was born on August 1, 1964, in New York City. After college, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, relocating to Seattle, Washington in 2011.

He began recording and performing with Codeine (on drums & guitar) in 1990. In 1992, he left that band to pursue songwriting, singing and guitar playing with Come. In addition to his solo recordings, he has performed with a lot of artists (as a member or a guest) such as The Willard Grant Conspiracy, The Empty House Cooperative, Cobra Verde, Manta Ray, Karate, Via Tania, Steve Wynn, Evan Dando, Thalia Zedek, Tara Jane O'Neil, The Lemonheads, Thurston Moore, Hugo Race, etc.

Bill Nace

Bill Nace is musician from somewhere in New Jersey. He plays guitar and is mostly involved in experimental, improvisational music, from rock to jazz. Founded and runs Open Mouth.

Samara Lubelski

Samara grew in an artistic community in Soho, New York.[1] She began her career as a Violinist, and later on matured into a multi-instrumentalist, playing Cello, Guitar, Bass, Melotron. After been associated with well-known bands, Samara made her solo debut in 2004 with Fleeting Skies. 2005 witnessed the release of her another collection of intimate and offbeat pop, Spectacular of Passages. She made her return in 2007 with Parallel Suns.[2] After release of her another album Future Slip, the veteran singer made her comeback in mid-2012 with an album called Wavelength. - Wikipedia


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