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"Expect only the fuzziest, coolest blues rock – with jibes of funked up swagger and soul – from these Brooklyn noisemakers, propelled by the commanding pipes of singer Alysia Quinones. If the Jimi Hendrix Experience was fronted by a woman, and tuned into the Black Keys era, it might have sounded like this." Polly Glass/ Classic Rock Magazine

Morgan Keller

Tongue-in-cheek lyricism and pop-sensible melodies mixed with gritty, raw, Hayley Williams-esque vocal prowess is what is making everyone talk about NYC singer-songwriter Morgan Keller. The wide-ranging appeal of her music stems from her diverse influences; from Adele to Julia Michaels to Led Zeppelin, Morgan seamlessly forges the gap between pop/rock and soul in an accessible, authentic way. When she's not performing at The Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, Webster Hall, or The Bitter End, she is probably crafting her next hit-worthy earworm in her NYU dorm with just an electric guitar, piano, or a Logic Pro X loop, or in the studio with her producer, Kunis, laying down vocal tracks.

Morgan just released her debut single, “Who’s There?” on October 18, Love Your Body Day. Sharing her personal struggle with body image and self-love issues, she hopes to show people that they aren't alone in struggling with loving themselves and their bodies. The end result was a bright, self-love anthem that encourages all of us to look in the mirror and accept our flaws.



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