Part Time Punks

PART TIME PUNKS is a club that takes over noted Echo Park live music venue, The Echo on 1822 Sunset, every Sunday night. The night focuses heavily on DIY and Indie vinyl coming out of the U.S., UK and Europe from 1977 to the present: Punk, Post-Punk, Synth-Punk, Synthpop, Minimal Synth, Dark/Cold/Minimal Wave, NDW, Industrial, New Wave, No Wave, C86, Indiepop, Twee, Shoegaze, Baggy and even Krautrock…


For the first time in 27 years, surviving members of supergroup SHADOW PROJECT have come together again as SHADOW PROJECT 1334 to perform the music made famous by two Los Angeles Deathrock icons – EVA O and the late, great ROZZ WILLIAMS. Since the tragic passing of ROZZ WILLIAMS in 1998, the music of SHADOW PROJECT and CHRISTIAN DEATH lives on, inspiring new generations of fans. SHADOW PROJECT 1334 includes the original Shadow Project’s EVA O on vocals and lead guitar and introduces on rhythm guitar, Eva’s own flesh and blood, daughter SCARLET DREAM; Also featured, from SHADOW PROJECT’S LEGENDARY 1992 LINE-UP, the powerhouse rhythm section of WILLIAM FAITH (The Bellwether Syndicate, Faith & the Muse, Christian Death) on bass and STEVYN GREY (Frankenstein, 45 Grave, Christian Death) on drums. This reunion of sorts has, from its birth, conceived its own death: it was agreed that SHADOW PROJECT 1334 would only last for 13 performances, after which it will never return. Their performance in June at Germany’s storied WAVE-GOTIKTREFFEN festival was the first — only 12 remain… SHADOW PROJECT 1334 carries on the Shadow Project musical legacy – the study of Light & Dark, Good & Evil, Heaven & Hell.

Gitane Demone Quartet

Gitane Demone Quartet is a project founded by Gitane Demone from USA.
The music could be catelgorized as experimental Goth Rock/Nu-Jazz.

Terminal A


$20 Advance / $25 Day of Show


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