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gobbinjr (lower case please) is Madison, WI-native turned Brooklynite Emma Jerk Witmer’s unapologetic project. Her debut album 'manalang' (again, leave your caps at home) is the blunt, peachy child of Witmer’s angsty yet sophisticated approach, creating a bedroom-panorama of earwormy, hazy melodies. Following 'manalang', Witmer released the "vom night" EP which explores the darkest depths of a depressed mind while on an intergalactic journey, diving in the sea, or time traveling. While the recording artist gobbinjr is one individual's unfiltered, unfettered statement, the band gobbinjr has been playing around Brooklyn and touring North America for years, meeting new friends and commiserating in shimmery sadness.

Winnebago Vacation

Winnebago Vacation is the folk/goth solo project of Ridgewood, Queens resident Eli Frank. Their newest album “Camp Somewhere” was released 8/20 on Lonely Ghost Records. With relatable lyrics and infectious melancholic post-pop instrumentals, the songs have a catchy bounce that flows seamlessly throughout the album. WV combines classic folk with fresh bedroom sensibilities to create an introspective, unique, and immersive experience for the listener. While Eli often performs as a solo act in nyc, an awesome array of musicians have been put together for a full band experience, ft Brett Bivona(redd), Ryon Dickerson(vanity Jones), Jane Lai(teenage halloween) & John Morisi(Ashjesus/Johnny Dynamite)



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