Gina Sobel is a genre chameleon. She’s a devoted multi-instrumentalist – virtuosic on flute and voice and just as expressive on sax and guitar, filled with energy and improvisational spirit. Gina’s composition takes two main directions. She writes songs with piercing lyrics and soaring vocal melodies, as well as jazz tunes that bring in elements of funk, modal jams and found sounds. She pulls these two sides together with her rock band Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine. Gina also leads a jazz quartet (the Sobel 4tet) and plays as a solo artist and in a number of other groups.

Gina is proud to be an Audix Microphone artist.

Bolder Beat – Dawn Raymond
“Listening to Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine feels like a mid-summer celebration- you can almost feel the sun kiss your face. The down-to-earth style and the upbeat tempo of their sound nearly demands that you get on your feet and get your groove on.”

Audix Microphones – Sarah Snyder
“Multi-instrumentalist Gina Sobel is a kaleidoscope of musical talent, genres, and pure vibe. A young and vibrant part of the new face of jazz music, Gina rips through long-held stereotypes of genre to forge her own sound, which is being met with enthusiasm by a growing and diverse audience.”

AAA Music – Marguerite Gallorini
“This band (Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine) has just the right blend between earnest lyrics that anyone can relate to, good jazz, funk and rock improvisation parts from everyone in the band, and a dynamic energy to link it all.”

The Bend Bulletin – Brian McElhiney
“On a given night, you could see Gina Sobel fronting a four-piece rock band. The next night (or indeed, later that same evening) the Charlottesville, Virginia, singer-songwriter might sit in with a jazz group, ripping saxophone and flute solos. Another night, she could be playing with her boyfriend Matt Draper in their rootsy acoustic duo Incognito. Of course, she’s perfectly comfortable by herself onstage with just a microphone and acoustic guitar.”

Cville Weekly
“Multifaceted singer and musician Gina Sobel brings a unique, vibrant energy to the stage. With her melodic voice and the twinge of funk, jazz and improv present in her music, she earns the warm accolades put forth…”

Cville Niche – Erin O’Hare
“Gina Sobel is one of Charlottesville’s most versatile musicians. She sings, plays flute, saxophone and guitar, and her music explores jazz, folk, rock, and many other genres.”



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