The Skydiggers - 30th Anniversary Celebration of  A Legendary Skydiggers Christmas

The Skydiggers

Josh agrees and also poi
nts out
that in order to stay creative and pertinent
you need to constantly challenge
yourself. “Change and evolution are
imperative. To bring a visible
energy to
the stage every night, you need to
remain passionate by pushing yourself as
songwriters and p
erformers. You
need to be constantly evolving yet trying to
timeless at the same
One day, if someone with perfect
penmanship and a great memory for
details takes up a Canadian Rock Family Tree project and plots the
development of the Canadian
roots rock
community, they may discover that

if not all

branches and roots at
some point interconnect with the
“We’ve played with other people, other people have come into this circle
and played with us. They’ve put their stamp on our
music. But on the other
hand, I think we recognize there is something consistent and something we
all value that is threaded through all our records.” says Finlayson.
Maize deeply appreciates the contributions of every artist who has played
with the Skydi
ggers over the years, musing that perhaps that is the reason
why the band dropped its
official ‘The’ somewhere along the way. “We
realize how fortunate we are to be part of a community. And so everybody
is a Skydigger

past, present and future.”

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