Yeled Zaiin, Sepoy

Yeled Zaiin is a 4 piece Alternative High Energy Band From Brooklyn.
Active since 2015; Released their Debut Album "The Earth is Flat" in 2016;
Celebrating their New Album "Sleepless sound", released by Rebel Sound Records.

Sepoy is a four piece Indie Alternative Pop Rock 'n' Roll band based in New York City that formed in 2012. From their childhood in India to their current lives in the U.S.A, Sepoy’s debut album is influenced thematically from their experiences from traveling down this road. The ethnic rhythmic and tonal influences lay understated but subliminally present in their debut 12 song Alternative Rock ’n' Roll album "Impasse". From both a production and compositional standpoint, this leans more towards a "70’s Pop Rock record meets an early 90’s Alt Rock record” rather than mainstream Contemporary Rock.

Following their debut album, Sepoy has delivered yet another eclectic piece of Alternative Rock. This time, the band fuses a style quite reminiscent of 80’s Pop Rock with a more contemporary flavor of Synthpop.

The band name Sepoy – originally referring to an indigenous soldier serving under an imperialist conqueror – symbolizes their role in society and what the album is all about; a contextualization of the Sepoy’s Dilemma in everyday situations faced by everyday people.

$10 - $12


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