On their new EP, “Chime," San Francisco surf rock quintet Sandy’s sound like Big Star in Big Sur. Glassy open tunings are buoyed by bouncing drum fills and soaked in resonant moog flourishes.

Singers Alexi Glickman and Dave Muller visit Jah, existential dread, and the 80-foot blue whale that washed up at their home surf break.

Part art happening, part recording session, Chime was recorded live by the band (with additional members Burton Li, Cody Rhodes, Sam Buchanan) in Glickman’s seaside cabin over a long spring weekend.

Inspired in part by the films of Christopher Guest, Glickman laid out loose framework of chords and melody, and let his intrepid cast do the rest.

“My favorite live shows remind me of Christopher’s movies. “You can feel when the cast is having fun, when it's awkward, when they’ve lost the plot—everything you see is authentic— is really happening. I wanted to make a record like that. I wanted to capture as much spontaneous magic as I could— and sort it out in editing later on,” recalls Glickman.

The sounds of Chime are steeped in good vibrations while darker themes are explored lyrically.

“I think despite the idyllic setting, there was a heaviness we were wrestling with that weekend. I wanted to hold onto that when we were writing the lyrics— to really make the sunny parts pop against the backdrop of this creeping foreboding."

French Cassettes

French Cassettes are serious about having a good time. With their jangly pop hooks already addictively repeatable, they’re all the more exciting in their feverish riffs and frantic rhythms. Relocating to San Francisco from a small Central Valley town, French Cassettes have been at it since their high school days, and the band never fails to get feet moving and heads swiveling every time they play a show. Their first full-length LP, Gold Youth, only recently came out last year, but it’s safe to say this album was worth the wait, delivering the fresh and dynamic indie rock that French Cassettes have become known for." - Charles Swanson (Noise Pop)

Holy Spirit

A new collaboration with Geographer/ Curls drummer Cody Rhodes, Duncan Nielsen aka DONCAT, and Andrew St. James

$15 adv / $20 door


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