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Model Child (Danny Parker), grew up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia just outside of Washington D.C. He was always drawn to music as kid and went to FSU for college to study classical trombone. Parker was more drawn to songwriting than drilling scales in a practice room so he moved back home to Virginia. From there, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue writing songs for other artists, some of which include, Jessie Ware, Birdie, Nick Jonas and Britney Spears. Along the way, Parker started writing songs for himself as, Model Child, where he could explore his artistry and use a voice that he couldn’t as a writer for other artists.

Madge is a one-woman DIY-pop project from LA. Delving into Celtic mythology, the legacy of her Mormon upbringing in Utah, contemporary spirituality and a 2020 take on pop sounds, Madge is the power-punching, self-produced artist banishing bros and bloodsuckers.

The Mad Walls



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