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San Bernardino, California is known for its high crime and poverty rate. Behind that lies a hidden gem, an ambitious musical wunderkind, seeking to break out from all of that. Meet Manuel Joseph Walker, a 20-year old from the slums of a broken city, crafting sophisticated & shimmering Jangle-Pop out of his bedroom, with two records under his belt, both met with high acclaim among the Bandcamp community & other various Youtube taste-makers, Truths (2015) and Silence (2017). Reminiscent of bands like Prefab Sprout, The Smiths, & The Cry, and recognized as part of a growing movement of young Mexican-American indie musicians, Walker paints his own world with Foliage, writing all of the music, playing all of the instruments, singing all of the vocals, and engineering his records all by himself. Foliage began at the age of 16, when Manuel was still in high school. Now at the beginning of his 20s, Walker has matured from Southern California DIY mainstay to International bedroom pop wizard. The result is a blend of well-thought 80's guitar pop, propelled by J Dilla/Nujabes inspired drums: the two aforementioned being Manuel's favorite producers and some of his biggest influences. With his newest record, 2018’s III​, Walker has delivered his finest and most complete work yet: a personal and thorough snapshot of fleeting youth and self-love. Manuel Joseph Walker has proven himself as Foliage, and is set to be one of the hardest working musicians in indie-rock today.

Mini Trees is the project of LA-based musician, Lexi Vega.



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