Point Break

Point Break

Point Break was first formed in 2008 as a trio by former bassist Zach Starr. After several years of musical growth and lineup changes, the band currently features frontman Alex Starr's gritty vocals on top of a style that has been described as "the mutant offspring of a foursome involving OAR, Sublime, State Radio and The Expendables." He, along with lead guitarist Justin Budlow, create soaring guitarmonies, with Ian Singleton providing monster foundations on bass, Tyler Matte utilizing thunderous metal-inspired theatrics on drums, and Julian Jacobson blasting the dulcet, trance-like tones of the tenor saxophone to round out the band's sound. Ranging from upbeat ska rhythms to metal-infused reggae jams, Point Break will smack you in the face, leaving you begging for another round.

"Coming Up For Air," Point Break's first full-length album, was released in April 2011. In 2013, Point Break released "Don't Pet The Sweaty Things," a seven-song project now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. After a short hiatus, the band reunited in NYC for a sold out show at Piano’s in 2018.

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