“Music for the sensually inclined.” – Buzzbands LA
"Hyper-sexed sensual alt-soul grooves." – Time Out NY
"How the libido sounds." – The San Diego Reader
“If you’re ever feeling down about anything at all, we would recommend listening to music by Smoota. The lyrics to his songs will make you think, love, and smile before its end." – Grungecake
"Combines the slinky DIY funk grooves of Shuggie Otis with the offbeat, trippy, psychedelic stoner charm of James Pants, all topped off with a sly pervy streak that winks toward Serge Gainsbourg and the P-Funk mob.” – Other Music
Smoota’s new album PHEROMONES is an arousing soak in the hot tub of your sexual imagination. Inspired by the warm and sensual sounds of 70’s soul, Smoota’s follow-up to his 2013 debut FETISHES is a risqué exploration of the modern sexual landscape. A New York City musician who has worked with TV On The Radio, Run The Jewels, Sufjan Stevens, Steven Tyler, Aaron Neville, and many others, Smoota performed all the music on Pheromones himself, adding only backup vocals, strings, and a (fake?) orgasm from a friend in Australia. With a unique mix of honesty, curiosity, and sly humor, the album puts both a dip in your hip and a smile on your face. Touching on the polyamorous urge, happy S&M relationships, taboo lust, erotic intimacy, and more, Pheromones will turn out the lights, liberate your mind, arouse your body, and then make you breakfast in the morning.

Paranoid Image

Paranoid Image was created by pianist, bassist, and songwriter / composer Christopher Malone and vocalist / lyricist Sara Geller in late 2016. Christopher and Sara met in 2015 as members of the industrial band Scifidelic. As a couple, they became very interested in Latin dance and Latin dance music. They decided to create an all-acoustic band that featured the driving rhythms of the industrial/alternative music they played and infuse it with the Latin sounds they loved - with creative, beautiful melodies and deep lyrics.

They have grown their band to 7 members. In January 2018, they released their first single, "Keep Your Heart", an acoustic version and interpretation of the same song by TV on the Radio, a band in which Christopher's brother is a member.

In June of 2018, they released their first 10-song album called "Burning Paint". Everyone always asks what Paranoid Image's genre is. Once you hear this album, you will quickly see why that is a tough one to answer. So far, the best we can come up with is "Acoustic Alternative".

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