Pi Jacobs

Pi Jacobs is a singer-songwriter you've probably heard, even if you haven't heard of her... With over 60 Song placements, Pi’s music has been licensed to MTV, Oxygen, and Nickelodeon shows, commercials for Macy’s the San Francisco Acedemy of Art, and the in-store retail music provider, EOS. She has been heard in the films The Princess of Nebraska (Dir. Wayne Wang - Joy Luck Club). The Appointment, and Fixing Rhonda, and most recently, her single “Trying to be Loved” aired on ABC Family’s hit show, Pretty Little Liars.

The native San Franciscan has also put in serious road miles, touring the US and Europe, and relocating to first New York City, then to Los Angeles. Pi has worked with several star producers, including Pfilbryte (TommyBoy - Ignition), and Randy Wine (U2, Aretha Franklin).

Pi’s latest album, UrbaniCana, was collaboration with renowned producer Eugene Toale, whose credits include Kanye West, Mya, Brandy, and Raekwon, and features The Beastie Boy’s drummer Fredo Ortiz on every track. Eugene's hip hop sensibilities and Pi's rootsy, rock-diva vocals, create a new sound that is both urban and americana. UrbaniCana, captures the heart of the homesick city dweller, yearning for simpler times, as well as the isolated artsy types, alone in their American small towns.

Brian Whelan


Little Lonely is the "archetypal blue-collar heroine" known for her emotive torch and twang style. Her storytelling provides a sountrack for a forgotten American landscape, evoking Dust Bowl salvation, roadside general stores and towns submerged in lakes for the sake of progress.

Tawny Ellis is an accomplished singer, songwriter, sculptor, actress and producer.

Instruments: Lap steel, omnichord, tenor guitar, percussion.

Tawny is known for her thought provoking lyrics and musical composition. Her work has a distinctive quality rooted in sweet Southern folk indicative of Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris but most noteworthy, Ellis' voice: “It's the sort of voice one could make a meal of, in the vein of Neko Case or Ray LaMontagne, -- not to mention country singers from years, if not ages, past” (Guitar World Magazine).

Singing since childhood, Ellis’ sultry sound and complicated rhythms come from experience. Although a Savannah, GA native, Ellis traveled across America due to her nomadic childhood before landing in Southern California where she meets longtime collaborator Gio Loria, who along with Ellis brings her lush melodies and lyrical storytelling to audiences around the world. With music tours in North America and Europe and recording in studios in New Orleans and France, Ellis’ life on the road brings adventure and reward. Ellis recorded at historical FAME studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama setting down a four track EP, Ghosts Of The Low Country.

Ellis beyond being a considerable musical talent is an accomplished sculptor with an ancestral connection to one of the world's most famous sculptors/painters, Edgar Degas. Her lineage to the Impressionist renders with certainty a family-born ability beyond convention or mere popular notion as Ellis creates sculpture pieces elaborately similar to that of Degas’ work. There are no accidents, as Ellis creates her first sculpture in the fourth grade. Her work can be found all over the world including an architectural piece commissioned by the city of Monrovia, CA to highlight an historical landmark.


An acoustic singer-songwriter duo who create a memorable and intimate live music experience for audiences in Southern California and beyond.

Simon Petty, frontman of the LA-based British band Minibar, and Celia Chavez, current backing singer for Enrique Iglesias, showcase their smoky vocal harmony and heartfelt, articulate songwriting on their debut EP, “Songs From the Second Floor.”



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