Echo Park Rising

Echo Park Rising

Echo Park Rising Music Festival will return once again to overflow the streets ofEcho Park with an eclectic mix of diverse music and comedy, seasoned performers and emerging homegrown talent all coming together for one weekend to celebrate the spirit of music, art and entertainment in the community of Echo Park.

Cosmonauts are a California-based band known for their simple, physically powerful songs and punishing stage volume. Cosmonauts were formed in 2009 by guitarists Alexander Ahmadi and Derek Cowart, natives of Fullerton in Orange County. They met when a mutual friend staged a house show and the two ended up jamming together. As Cowart told a reporter, "It was almost the same fashion as when the Clash approached (Joe) Strummer. 'I like you, but I hate your band,' is pretty much what Alex told me. I was like, 'That's alright. I hate my band, too.'" Teaming with bassist James Sanderson III and drummer Cole Devine, the four became Cosmonauts, and began hashing out powerful, drone-inspired guitar jams inspired by Spacemen 3, Sonic Youth, and the Velvet Underground. The group also discovered a simple way to get its trademark thick, reverb-heavy sound: using old amps and driving them as loud as possible. (As Cowart says, "The Kinks didn't get their tones from pedals, they just blew out their amps. It sounds cooler that way.") A few months after their first shows, Cosmonauts released their first album, a cassette-only offering issued by the label/record shop Burger Records that hit the street in the summer of 2010. Cosmonauts soon set out on their first tour, landed a spot at the South by Southwest Music Conference, and began releasing fresh material at a steady pace, including the cassette-only New Psychic Denim EP and a handful of 7" singles. In 2011, Cosmonauts' debut album was reissued on vinyl by Chicago's Permanent Records, and the band's many singles were compiled on a cassette-only collection, Natalie Wilson's Arm. Their second full-length, If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die, was released in 2012, and in 2013 the group reunited with Burger to release a third album, Persona Non Grata. - MARK DEMING

"Their raucous set was like if the Velvet Underground had turned to the MC5 at their Boston Tea Party concert in 1968 and, instead of insulting them, had turned and made love to them—and that was how Lou Reed wound up wearing that dog collar. I couldn't make out a single lyric, but did they really close the set with 'Little Honda?'" --LA RECORD

"Swirling, distorted psych, bulldozed along by pounding primitive drums, fuzzed out vocals, all glued together with a heavy spaced out guitar drone. If that ain't the ingredients for record of the month my name is Prince Bloody William. Imagine if you will the best of THEE OH SEES jamming deep with MOON DUO, with the aid of some sort of retro type drug that only Brace Belden knows the name of and you would almost be right on the money. Heavy, without losing one single hook, repetitive without being the least bit boring and shamelessly stepped in the glory years of acid rock without being a boring regurgitating hipster. Be warned, this record will give you a contact high." --Maximum Rock N Roll #337

Egrets on Ergot

Egrets On Ergot's sound has been described as versatile: from moody, gothy artpunk to funky rhythmic, pseudo-no wave with a smattering of industrial clamor. The four piece live in the Silverlake/Echo Park area of Los Angeles and will debut their fist full length album (vinyl and digital) this October through Cleopatra Records, produced by LA punk veteran Paul Roessler of The Screamers, 45 Grave, Nina Hagen Band.

" Egrets On Ergot, one of the most promising and original acts haunting the LA rock scene..."

"This band’s commitment to the total rockist blitzkrieg aesthetic is a noble thing to hear in this watery pop-ridden age and the now-capacity crowd let go of them with loud reluctance."
- LA Record

"What transpired on stage that evening was a bit of a phenomenon that I am frankly at a loss to effectively describe. "
- The Art of LA

The nervy indie pop of Ian Sweet, while musically complex, is undeniably hooky. IAN SWEET has been the source of and solution to many of Jilian Medford’s deepest anxieties. But now, two years after her soul-bearing debut LP Shapeshifter, Medford is confronting that reality with surprising optimism on her new full-length Crush Crusher. After relocating to Los Angeles, Medford decided to make the project a solo endeavor once again (as it had been in her salad days in the Boston DIY scene) and took the opportunity to compose some of her most self reflective and emotionally analytical songs to date.

American indie pop band from New York City.

Richie James Follin: guitar, vocals
Loren Humphrey: drums
Kaylie Church: keyboards, vocals

Slut Island

Slut Island is the culmination of two really hot cool super talented and modest artists plus one shy boy who also plays bass in a church band but has to keep Slut Island a secret, singing about real life issues including hpv, net neutrality, sex in a graveyard, wanting to see someone you love die, being a bad church boy and much more.

"The Pantones are siblings Madeline and Angeline Doctor along with lead vocalist Isabel Salinas. Having met each other in high school after bonding over similar music tastes and vintage clothing, The Pantones first formed under the name "Bande à part" (which translates to Band Of Outsiders in French) after a 1964 Jean-Luc Godard film. When contacted, however, by a venue to perform in an upcoming show, The Pantones immediately rebranded and recorded two singles by themselves. The band records their instruments in a bedroom while vocals in their high school's ROP room. After the release of the two singles, comparisons to the jangly guitar riffs of The Smiths were quickly made. In November of 2017, the group released the EP "For The Ones Who Love You." After being inspired by the 1981 single "Primary" by The Cure (where Gallup and Smith were both playing bass), two bass guitars became a prominent feature of the EP. After being inspired by self-produced acts in the 1980s (The Cleaners From Venus, The Hit Parade, etc.), The Pantones decided to self-record and release two new singles in September of 2018."

If you've listened to the Part Time Punks radio show in the last year or two, then you'll already know that FAWNS OF LOVE are one of PTP's favorite new bands. And PTP isn't the only one. Paste proclaimed the band “a dreampop gem,” Flood called the debut album Who Cares About Tomorrow “perfectly woozy,” evoking “the soft gauze of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive,” Magnet said it “drifts along dreamily,” and The Big Takeover noted the “obsessive joy in Fawns of Love’s take on shoegaze.” 'Permanent,' the second full-length, released in January on Test Pattern Records is one of the year's very best.




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