Echo Park Rising

Echo Park Rising

Echo Park Rising Music Festival will return once again to overflow the streets ofEcho Park with an eclectic mix of diverse music and comedy, seasoned performers and emerging homegrown talent all coming together for one weekend to celebrate the spirit of music, art and entertainment in the community of Echo Park.

the bank of america


R. Clown


Self-proclaimed German doom-pop singer currently signed to Sumerian Records.

Dancing Tongues is a post-punk duo formed in late 2015 by Kevin Modry and Alex Lavayen. They self-released an EP titled, Positions in 2016; a small selection of the band’s early recordings. After performing in Los Angeles for a year, the pair set out to record their debut LP, Hypnotic Tales of Sex and Distress. They enlisted producer Jonny Bell (Crystal Antlers, Hanni El Khatib, The Buttertones, Tijuana Panthers) and recorded the album in Long Beach, CA.

Hypnotic Tales of Sex and Distress is Dancing Tongues’ first full-length record. It is a collection of personal tales about real love, real sex and real distress during a time when we have such a disruptive flow of information fighting to redefine what these three things mean. The record is a hypnotic journey with chapters marked by songs that feature tightly coiled, aggressive post-punk and others that seemingly unfold into lush and lurid western landscapes.

Ever So Android

Ever so Android is pastor's daughter (Hope) and ex junkie cult leader (True) who met on a silent meditation retreat in 2012. They bonded over their love of silence by writing songs. Now they're an electro-punk based band out of LA.

photo by Justin Ware

Nate NoFace

Member of Crime (10).

Melted Bodies

Hi, we’re Melted Bodies.

Melted Bodies creates music for people to propel their limitless potential.

Let us find out just how far limitless potential can take us. We aim to inspire a can-do attitude that’s relevant, relatable, safe, and accessible to everyone. Instead of breaking boundaries, let’s shatter them into a million mobile-friendly pieces, together. Motion creates emotion, and emotion creates content that challenges our core cultural influencers in our ever-increasingly connected world.

These are all ideas and themes that we can leverage and take advantage of in the new media democracy. We are here to target influencer content and engage media partners through collective storytelling and game-changing ideas. Autonomous social media helps drive peer to peer authentic engagements that can be tracked and measured to create augmented experiences which can then be leveraged to connect human truths. Our aim is to pander to the needs and wants of these global progressive influencers and pander we will.

Fuck me. Fuck you.

An instant underground LA club favorite, Radwaste formed in the post-punk era of the mid-1980s. The current lineup, w/ members of Urinals/100 Flowers & 17 Pygmies, put on an energetic live show, with propulsive songs, and a 4-person drum corps influenced by South LA marching bands. They've shared bills w/ Jesus and Mary Chain, Jane's Addiction, Swans, Thelonious Monster, Savage Republic, etc.

Ravens Moreland (ex-Wall of Voodoo)

Edgy Garage/Post Punk with provocative sex themes, biting social Commentary, and Bukowski-esk stories of excess and debauchery from an innovator of Post Punk Bruce (Ravens) Moreland. Moreland who co founded the eighties original Post Punk Band Wall Of Voodoo at age 16 with brother Guitarist Marc Moreland, Bruce (Ravens) also wrote songs with Johnette Napolitano for Concrete Blonde , He Played for Nervous Gender , played bass with Brian James (Damned) and Stiv Bators (Dead Boys, Lords Of The New Church). Working primarily with producer David Bianco (Ozzie Osborne, Dead Can Dance, Danzig, Damned) for the Ravens Moreland Recordings , Moreland Played Bass Guitar , Guitar, Keyboards and all Vocals along with a long list of guest musicians that are well known. Moreland's powerful vocal style reminds one of Iggy Pop and Lux Interior and Lou Reed . The music might be a kin to something like Killing Joke meets Danzig, with the Wall Of Voodoo roots apparent . Ravens Moreland first album Lock Up your Mothers was released via Ravens Records on CDBaby. Also the 2nd album with the same connections and on CDbaby 'Sin Has A Soundtrack" . And Now the third Ravens Moreland Album "Candy Bad and Pretty Things" produced By Bruce Moreland himself. Look for it in stores, and on all the usual music download sites.

I was raised near a bog. the sounds of the toads and the night were my lullabies. the trees carried me. the moon caressed me, the dark was my cover. I am awake while you sleep, and in the shadows when you walk. i steal your breath when you speak, and grow strong when you hurt - bob villain




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