Born in 1962, Dragoljub Ljubičić Mićkois known primarily for his several decadeacting career as a humorist, satirist and screenwriter, originally within of a very popular humorous-satirical theater troupe called "Indexovo radio pozorište", which was most prominent in the second half of the 1980s on radio as well as during the nineties on the theater stage.

In addition to "Indexovo radio pozorište", he acted in a series of national and foreign movies and television shows, and made a couple of his own television shows, oneof which is still broadcast:

- „Pozovi M... ili će on tebe“ – 2007
- „Lekoviti show“ – 2015
- „PLjiŽ“ – 2018/2019 (third season is on at present)

He has been doing marketing as well in his own company, "Team of Talents" for 30 years, composing music, writing lyrics for songs and writing books so thathis humorous-satirical books "National Park Serbia" 1 and 2 (in two volumes) can be found in almost everyone’s home library.

He prefers humor arising from the Serbian mentality, as well as character imitation.

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