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As they wrote and recorded their second full-length album Entertainment [Equal Vision
Records] out January 26, 2018, a wise prophet’s words stuck with Waterparks…
“Tina-motherfucking-Fey once said, “Everything that’s good comes from honesty’,” repeats lead
singer and guitarist Awsten Knight. “When you’re being that open, others connect. We’re not
vague and subtle in our songs. I want everything to feel colorful and real. This band embodies
that idea.”
Since their emergence in 2015, the Houston trio—Awsten, Otto Wood [drums], and Geoff
Wigington [guitar, backing vocals]—have kept it real and catapulted to international renown as
a result of a signature style that seamlessly slips-n-slides between rock, pop, and alternative.
Their full-length debut, Double Dare, earned a rare 4.5-out-of-5 star rating from Alternative
Press and spawned the hit “Stupid For You,” which generated over 4.6 million Spotify streams
and counting.
On the road, they tore up venues everywhere alongside All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Sleeping
With Sirens, State Champs and more in addition to selling out their first UK jaunt and 14-out-of-
23 dates on a US co-headliner. Among various accolades, Awsten graced the cover of
Alternative Press for the Warped Tour issue, and the entire band covered Rock Sound.
Not only did they play the Alternative Press Music Awards, but they took home the award for
“Breakthrough Artist” and garnered “Best International Newcomer” from Rock Sound. In the
middle of this whirlwind, they hunkered down and created Entertainment. For the first time,
they switched up the writing process and traded H-Town for Los Angeles.
Awsten holed up in a North Hollywood Airbnb, but he wasn’t alone…
“The place was totally fucking haunted,” he recalls. “There would be random door closings. One
night, I literally heard a couple of female voices whispering in my ear, ‘It’s okay. Come with us.’
It felt super demonic. Then, it was all quiet when I got up. I was like, ‘Fuck this.’ I stole some
Holy Water and sage from a catholic church, but I said a prayer and apologized since I needed
it. It was definitely a different creative process.”
Having exorcised the living quarters, the bandmates hit MDDN Studios with producers Benji
Madden [Good Charlotte, 5 Seconds of Summer] and Courtney Ballard [5 Seconds of Summer,
All Time Low] behind the board, reuniting the Double Dare team.

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