Locals Only Sound, Vincent Darby

Locals Only Sound

Locals Only Sound is a sound collective comprised of Toronto's Curtis Smith + Gray Hawken. The duo are invovled in every step of the music-making process, from writing + recording to producing + performing.

Both members come from artistic backgrounds: Curtis grew up around classic-rock and has fused these influences into his songwriting canon. Gray soaked up jazz music throughout his childhood thanks to his musical family, and also performed in choirs.They find common ground in their shared interests for modern beats and skateboard culture.Curtis and Gray are successfully able to fuse their combined influences into a sleek sound that’s all their own.

Vincent Darby

Even if he were not possessed of tremendous talent, it would have been nigh impossible for Vincent Darby to not be drawn to a musical vocation. From his earliest years, he has opened for Alicia Keys, Flo'Rida and since recently for Air Asia Sara. Vincent has emerged with a sound that is rich, distinctive and mature and his latest evidence of that can be heard in his Debut Single "Get Away" and his upcoming EP.

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