Little Evil

Founded in 2018, Little Evil is an indie rock band from San Diego, California. Dark yet beautiful hints of surf, country, new wave, and blues rock combine to create a unique but familiar soundscape to support the raw and passionate vocals of singer and guitarist Anthony Amoroso. Darin Sanchez provides the haunting keys and gritty guitar, Dan Hof brings heavy and tight bass lines, while ska legend Jo-El Dion drives the groove with his hard hitting drumming.

Little Evil’s enigmatic lyrics tell tales of lamented pasts and optimistic futures delivered with passionate yet indifferent narration over fluid but often chaotic soundscapes.

Long Lost Suns are a four-piece southern Californian rock group consisting of long time friends who each contribute a unique piece to their versatile sound. Since 2017, they have been shocking stages and captivating crowds with their high energy "Rock & Roll and Lover's Synth Psychedelia" experience. The Sun's members are Matt Jones (lead vocals/drums), Danny Falletta (guitar/keys), Tyler Ray Davidson (lead guitar), and James Davidson (bass). All four members grew up in San Diego and have been in many bands throughout the years -- some of which included each other in the past -- but now they have joined together and fused a combination of all of their key influences to create a powerful, unforgettable masterpiece. Pulling their roots from traditional blues and funk, reggae, psychedelic rock, surf rock, 80's synth pop, to name a few..helps the Long Lost Suns conjure up a mellow yet crunchy nostalgic psychedelic rock & roll sound.

In August 2018, they released "Anebria Demos EP" which was written and recorded in their garage studio. It consists of 6 songs - just enough to get a taste of the different sounds this band can bring to the table. The opening track "It’s Too Late" takes you on a psychedelic-pop-stroll down an unknown road; while the second track "Wander on" will have you pondering life while riding your horse into the sunset. Things get fired up in "Living in your heart", a groovy garage style tune with a guitar heavy outro. "Been Waiting", a dare I say punky-doo-wop-love song, will surely have you craving more. "Never feel" is a song where the band experiments with a vaporwave-shoegaze-soulful-synth magic and it really works. Last but not least, “Bout Time” an 80’s sounding synth tune with an optimistic uplifting vibe that gets the crowd moving.

Anebria Demos EP caught buzz in Europe shortly after its release having songs “It’s Too Late" and "Been Waiting" played on several different radio stations in France and England. Additionally, the Suns are set to record their Debut LP "Anebria" June 2019 In Portland, OR at Sisterly Silence Studios.. stay tuned!

All American, Cool and Classy. Our live performances right now feature Josh Crawford, Victoria Martinez, Benjamin Evans and Blaine Threadgill!!


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