Shine On

Shine On

Since 2014 Shine On has been the "Authentic" Pink Floyd Experience . . . No costumes or play acting just the music, note for note with all the ambiance of an original Pink Floyd concert. Just ask anyone who has come to one of our shows.

“Nobody dials in the Floyd sound like these guys. There are other, better known tributes but none hit the mark like these guys. It's not about being a look alike band. It's about the sound and experience. With their dedication to details in the sound and production of video and lighting they kill it.”

"I've seen Pink Floyd, Roger Waters & David Gilmore - They would be AMAZED at the sounds that Shine On performed. They are the BEST that I have EVER heard playing Pink Floyd. ALL of the band performed FLAWLESSLY. I will definitely see them again. Thank you for the professionalism of bringing Pink Floyd's music at the SAME LEVEL of Pink Floyd! Also, Scott Page was UNBELIEVABLE - I saw him on one of the shows that I went to in L.A. back in the 80's and WOW!!!"

Re-creating the musician’s line-up that was seen and heard on Pink Floyd's last concert tour, P•U•L•S•E, Shine On captures the heart and soul of some of Pink Floyd’s greatest music. From David Gilmour's soaring guitar solos to the rich, symphonic synth textures with all their complexities, this show will leave you awestruck. Complemented by the kinds of artistic video, evocative lighting and imaginative sound effects that always accompanied a Floyd concert, Shine On renders the complete Pink Floyd experience. Performances can be fully themed, showcasing either the "Dark Side of The Moon" or "Wish You Were Here" albums in their entireties. The band’s repertoire covers much of Pink Floyd’s recording career, including songs from “Meddle” (1971) to “The Division Bell” (1994). 

Shine On’s interpretation of a Pink Floyd concert performance will leave a lasting impression.



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