The Homeless Gospel Choir

The Homeless Gospel Choir

The Homeless Gospel Choir

Derek Zanetti is one guy with a guitar, who travels the world singing protest sing-along’s under the band name, The Homeless Gospel Choir. Equipped with a guitar, a big heart and charming sense of humor, Derek performs songs that aim to re-teach us why we need each other to destroy what exists and build something new. Derek is also an author and artist who believes in the salvation of punk rock.

DIY or die trying- up the punx- FUCK TRUMP

Mikey Erg

Musician, songwriter, and singer from Sayreville, New Jersey, mostly known for playing various styles of punk rock. Came to prominence as a member of the pop-punk band The Ergs!, currently performs both as a solo musician as well as with a full band ("Mikey Erg" can also refer to Mikey performing his solo material with a full backing band).

Jon Snodgrass

American musician.

$12.00 - $14.00


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