Family and Friends

As these things so often do, Family And Friends began as a lowly seedling of inspiration. “Good music, good people.” A stalk gave yield to branches. One became six, a collective of musicians by trade, lovers by spirit. Inspired by a life worth living, the Fam and Pals remained rooted with three ambitions in heart, mind, and soul: the people, the music, the memories. The reflection represented by blend of earnest folk rock and a communal spirit pouring a collective heart into something bigger than itself. An intangible force of an unfaltering love worth giving away. A Family And Friend tree ever-growing, ever-lasting.

It's fair for your first thought to be country music when someone mentions Nashville, TN, a city never quite known for its genre benders. However, this is 2019 and sitting towards to crest of this new wave of musicians is Okey Dokey. Led by Tennessean, Aaron Martin, and Texan, Johny Fisher, the band combines the hand-me-down hits of your parents' time with their own synth driven expansions.

Martin and Fisher began collaborating in the winter of 2016, recording in a bedroom with guitars, synthesizers, computers, and practically anything they could find lying around the house. Over the next few months, they collaborated with various friends, most of whom are members from other bands, to create what became their debut album. Love You, Mean It was released in January 2017, and, even though the duo had no plans to perform live, they were on tour by March. The year was pleasantly unexpected, and kept the band busy. The time away from Nashville helped define how little of it there actually is, and any day home was a day to write.

After releasing music and touring non stop for a year, the group hit multiple studios with various friends such as Rayland Baxter, Liz Cooper, Nick Bockrath (Cage The Elephant) and others to create their next batch of songs. The band's sophomore grouping of songs titled Tell All Your Friend is an insightfully crafted blend of bedroom pop, chillwave, and classic soul.

Well Kept

Tommy Trautwein is Well Kept - emo/alternative music from Athens, GA.

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