Born and raised right here in Salt Lake City, Utah, Zac Ivie is just starting to reach his potential. He’s working fewer hours in order to be able to concentrate on his craft more. He’s released a steady flow of music in the three years he’s been making it, and he’s also been on the Perceptionists Tour with Zion I, Mr. Lif and Akrobatic. If that wasn’t enough, he’s soon to be married to his girlfriend, Skye. She’s the muse in his music videos, the topic of his hooks and in tons of photographs with him, in the same shoes, with matching jean jackets—it’s enough to make the lovelorn log out of their profile. It’s like Utah’s version of Love & Hip-Hop—only suburbanized and less drama-filled. They make it work.

Recording, performing, producing media, merchandising, even touring—that’s basic. What really separates the real ones from the fake one (those who want it solely for personal and monetary gain and those who want to help their community and make a lasting impression on the culture) is the legwork that’s put into establishing bonds. You can see Ivie and Skye at multiple shows/events a night, even when he isn’t performing. When he opens for an act, he stays and watches his peers’ routines as well. “I can turn the rapper off and turn the human on, if that makes sense,” Ivie says.

Follow him at:

IG: @zacivie

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/iviemusicslc



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