El Radio Fantastique

El Radio Fantastique is the band that would be playing at Salvador Dali's birthday party. They are the band that defies all labels and description, that floats effortlessly across genres while always conveying a sense of cinematic drama, reckless abandon, and broken beauty. Through lush arrangements, driving rhythms and pop hooks, the dynamic swell of emotion that emanates from this group is undeniably deep. If Anton LaVey, Frank Sinatra and David Bowie dropped acid in New Orleans and had an orgy with The Beatles, their unholy offspring would be El Radio Fantastique.

The band hails from Point Reyes Station, CA and is led by its founder, Giovanni Di Morente. Channeling disparate past experiences as a grave digger, dumpster diver, and pop star (of the '80s band Times Two), DiMorente fancies the broken and the crooked, and he celebrates them with sublime melody and passion. Di Morente and the other members of El Radio Fantastique have bonds that go back to childhood. This deep connection manifests itself in their sound and in the familiar spell they cast onstage.

Milk For The Angry

"Listening to “Upside 85”—or frankly, any track by the Cali natives—feels like stepping into a wonderfully gritty postcard of the Golden State." - The Deli Magazine SF (write-up on Milk For The Angry's single premiere of "Upside 85")

"Oakland rockers Milk For The Angry have already established themselves as necessary and relevant contributors to the Bay Area garage rock scene...their abilities are unquestionable, and their music is electrifyingly exciting." - Lily Milman, freelance music writer

“Milk For The Angry’s Instagram video is awesome. ‘Get your cables out and charge your s**t!” - The A.V. Club

"San Francisco-based psych-band Milk For the Angry posted this charming video on their Facebook page this week. It shows a nice musical interaction between a couple of band members sitting on a stoop near the Oakland-Emeryville border and a neighbor named Cleopatra." - Andre Torrez, journalist for FOX KTVU 2 News

Milk For The Angry's dysfunctionally jaunty brand of melodic, guitar-drenched psychedelic rock has garnered audiences from their humble beginnings in the Golden State and onward.

Formed in 2017 by guitarist and songwriter Dana Lindström, they remained a studio band until landing on a line up of Cole Bailey on drums, Kyle Stringer on bass, and Jackson Langford on guitar. Together, the band plays steadily around the San Francisco Bay Area, having shared the stage with the likes of Post Animal, SadGirl, Ecstatic Vision, and New Candys.

Milk For The Angry had a brush with mainstream media when Fox KTVU 2 did an article about an impromptu jam they had with their neighbor Cleopatra coined "Jumper Cable Jam," quickly becoming an Internet smash.

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