Sateen (Single Release!)

In 2014 the married pop music duo Sateen emerged from a cloud of glitter, sharing their message of positivity, love and glamour with all of NYC. The betrothed duo is comprised of drag queen Exquisite, and bio queen, Miss Queen Sateen. Since their formation, the couple have “educated the children” on the art of Feeling Fancy, Treating Yaself, and telling off online haters with their latest music video, Karmas Gonna Get Ya. The music of Sateen is infectiously positive, vocal-centric pop with empowering lyrics that you make you want to dance.

Together, Sateen has perfected the art of swirling and twirling while hosting many events. Working alongside innumerable Icons and Legends of the underground queer NYC scene they have established themselves as an undeniable force. Whether at a large Manhattan fashion party or a small Brooklyn bar, these queens have performed, DJ’ed and sashayed with unfettered aplomb.

Taking inspiration from the house and disco divas of yesteryear, Sateen’s music is nonetheless imbued with the contemporary drag and club culture from whence they emerged. But, don’t get it twisted - despite their pedigree in the underground scene, they strive to make pop music for the ears of everyone!

Sateen’s approach is entirely DIY, and they have plans to independently release a debut EP and a new music video “as soon as possible”. But for now, they are constantly writing, recording, performing and preaching the Sateen lifestyle. After all, Sateen is a lifestyle—it’s about opening your mind, loving yourself, being strong and sexy, and dancing the night away.

Macy Rodman is a N.Y.C. based recording artist and producer whose self released debut EP HELP and full length follow up The Lake with indie electronic label Sweat Equity have been featured in Vice, Nylon, ArtForum, Vogue, Out Magazine, and The Fader. Macy's work contains elements of Pop, Punk, and Dance/Electronic music and tackles subject matter like violence, sex, depression, and trans identity.

Born and raised in N.Y.C., XHOSA is an up-and-coming artist who experiments with all genres to create a fresh pop sound. She has been actively producing music since 2012 and has since made waves performing at festivals such as VIA FEST and SXSW. If in N.Y.C., you can see her on the stages of Trans Pecos or Baby's Alright. Her latest single "Let Me Go", has been featured on The Fader, and Vogue Magazine. She has also recently released an energetic and immersive 5 track EP entitled MISSLEADING.

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