The Loons

In this click bait, flavor of the month, short attention span world, THE LOONS are an anomaly. Their records and live performances have commanded the attention of a devoted tribe of fans for twenty years and counting. In that time they’ve made four albums, a bunch of singles, and played gigs in more cities around the world than they can keep count of. They’ve collaborated with original ‘60s music icons like Glenn Ross Campbell of the Misunderstood, Dick Taylor of the Pretty Things, Randy Holden of the Sons of Adam and Blue Cheer, and Michael Stuart-Ware of Love. The Loons have grown and evolved but never compromised, remaining fiercely committed to the untamed spirit and creativity of ‘60s garage, freakbeat and psychedelia.

The Loons catalog was anthologized on an exclusive cassette compilation, Diamonds, Garbage & Gold: The Best of the Loons, released on Burger Records in 2017. Their song As the Raven Flies can be heard in the recent movie Dances With Werewolves, directed by Donald Glut and Dan Golden. Their newest single, Blue Ether b/w Saturday’s Son was released Dirty Water Records UK in 2018. The Loons will be touring in Spain in April 2019 and their new E.P. is being released by Munster Records at the same time.

The Fadeaways

Garage Punk band from Tokyo, Japan.



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