As Cities Burn

As Cities Burn

As Cities Burn was an indie/post hardcore band from Mandeville, Louisiana that formed in 2002 and broke up in 2009.

Years active: 2002–2009

All Get Out

"Loud and personal," is one of the ways that lead singer/guitarist Nathan Hussey describes ALL GET OUT. Generally when a band is self-described as loud, imagery of guitars propelling distortion and mood over the audience is the resonance to dwell on and personal is not often the conjoined description. Loud has always been the cryptic way to say a band likes to hide behind blankets of fuzz and hard... to decipher symbolisms that keep the players of the song at restraining order distance from the audience. With ALL GET OUT nothing is hidden; everything is personal; and loud.

All of life's ups, downs, triumphs, ditches, and valleys are in ALL GET OUT's self titled EP. Songs like, "Come My Way", are filled with hopeful guitars and melodies then swoon and swim in a way that are not to be forgotten. And then a song like "Wasting All My Breath" holds nothing back while dealing with death and assigning blame. These quick changes from hoping for the serene to dealing with sucker punches that come wrapped as gifts is what life is about, and that is what ALL GET OUT is about—the mess of life. Being personal is never a clean paint by numbers affair. It's about the chase, the fall, and getting back up without checking on your own cuts.

Captain is a project dedicated to making music that reaches out to every personality and every faith with the hope of ultimately furthering the kingdom of God. Our music/shows/encounters are centered around meeting new people, sharing good music and general community and fellowship. With an ambient, lyrically focused and simple style, we believe that our music is a ministry, and that our shows are a mission. We do not wish to simply be a "band" but to also fulfill God's command for us by loving and showing compassion to every person we meet and by sharing music that hopefully allows every person to connect to on an emotional level. This is not just about making good music, touring or being well-known. It's all about Jesus.

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