DW Ditty

D.W. Ditty. His music is by no means easy listening, but it is easy to listen to. His new CD, Who Is, is the kind that stays in your player for weeks at a time. The music becomes such a part of you. After a day or two, you find yourself selecting a favorite track. A few days later, you find another. After a while you realize that your "favorite" keeps moving around the CD until you have become friends with each of the songs. There are no hangnails in his music, as he uses his solo, syncopated guitar to back a voice that is smooth and raspy at the same time, if that makes any sense.

In a live performance, D.W. bobs and weaves, shoulders swaying, and feet a-tapping creating both an audio and visual experience that his audiences simply cannot ignore. It is impossible not to have a good time listening to D.W. There is such feeling in the music that neither D.W. nor the listener is immune to the effect. He smiles a lot when he sings, causing the audience to wonder what musical jokes may be running through his head.

D.W. draws many comparisons from listeners. The funny thing is, people do not seem to agree. Does he remind you of Louis Armstrong or Randy Newman or Tom Waits? Some mention John Hiatt. Others, Joe Cocker. The fact of the matter is, D.W. Ditty is his own voice, his own style, whether performing originals or covers. He is a talent not to be missed.



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