People's Blues of Richmond

People's Blues of Richmond

We just want to have good lives. The music we love makes us feel really amazing inside and we want to try to create that feeling in others. Music gives us a legacy to pass along when we're gone. Not only does all the creative expression and catharsis make our lives better, it is something we can be remembered by. We love to adventure and act like kids with our best friends and this business allows us to never grow up and act as our own bosses. We wanna be a part of something positive and bigger than our indivudual selves. We have a saying in this band: The greatest thing any of us can possibly be is together. Join us for more good times! We arent stopping anytime soon.

Heaven Man

Heaven Man is a psychedelic entity born from the slums of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We create music based on love and the mindbending mythologies of humanoid ape creatures that may or may not roam the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Wilderness.

$10 Advance / $13 Day of Show


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