Quantum Beings of the Miraculous, Spacekeeper

Quantum Beings of the Miraculous

Based out of Denver, Colorado, QUANTUM BEINGS OF THE MIRACULOUS pursue a transcendental path towards music and performance art. Blending world-fusion with cosmic jazz, trip-hop, and electronica, chanting and ethereal vocals are accompanied by heavy, down-tempo trance grooves, deep bass, and tribal instruments for a unique sonic alchemy. Live performances further add global dance and psychedelic visuals to create a hypnotic, mind-expanding performance art experience that transports the audience to a different place and timeā€¦

Producer, Musician, DJ, Artist..Universal Being! Brewing up music to produce large sound to Unify, Create, and Channel vibes from all areas of this Universal human experience. Alchemically Co-Producing and playing guitar with local Denver underground sensationalists LOST NETWORK. An Experimental Live Industrial Wall of Sound, Dark,Light, and Deep Intention.. Diversifying influence, learning, and Working tenaciously on current and Esoteric Vibes through Beats, Loops, Song Production, Samples, DJ sets, Live Instrumentation and all vibratory sound that can be projected into the cosmos for all lifeforms to hear.
~Always Channel, Create, Unify and Move all forms of life, death, light & dark through Art, Innovation, Sound, Music and Dance...

$10 - $26


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