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Son Monarcas - Biography(English/Spanish)

Son Monarcas is a Latin Folk Fusion Chicago-based ensemble led by Irekani Ferreyra & Mercedes Inez Martinez, and comprised of musicians who are well-versed in the Afro-Mestizo genres of folk music from Latin America.They blend the traditional with the contemporary by creating original arrangements of "son" while retaining the foundation of the traditional style. Their original compositions include influences of Cumbia, Samba, Jazz and Experimental music in English and Spanish.Son Monarcas takes you on a musical migration, like that of the Monarch Butterfly, from the United States to far corners of Mexico and South America.
> The instrumentation includes accordion, "zapateado" (percussive foot tapping), cajon, requinto jarocho,jarana jarocha, violin, guitar, Mexican harp and voice. *Musicians are also all educators and give workshops/educational presentations for all ages.

SPANISH Version:
> BIO: Son Monarcas es un grupo de musica con genero Latin Folk Fusion que vive en Chicago y hace musica bilingüe. Dirigido por Irekani Ferreyra y Mercedes Inéz Martínez esta formado por músicos que son versatiles en los generos afro-mestizos de la música popular de América Latina. Ellos mezclan lo tradicional con lo contemporáneo, mediante la creación de arreglos originales, tratan de conservar tambien la base del estilo tradicional de la musica folklorica. Sus composiciones originales incluyen influencias de cumbia, samba, jazz y música experimental en Inglés y espanol. Son Monarcas narra en sus canciones las historias de la migración musical, como el de la mariposa monarca, desde los Estados Unidos hasta lejanos rincones de México y América del Sur.
> La instrumentación incluye acordeón, "zapateado" (golpecitos con el pie percusión), cajon, requinto jarocho, jarana jarocha, violín, guitarra, arpa mexicana y voz. * Los músicos también son educadores y dan talleres / presentaciones educativas para todas las edades.

Emily Nott

Emily Nott is a Chicago-based folk musician and singer-songwriter. Emily is deeply influenced by traditional ballad singing, the poetry and storytelling of her family and music community, and a belief that music can unite people. She writes honest, plaintive songs that tell stories both personal and universal.

Emily has performed with Glass Mountain, Joybird, and the Bard Owls. She is a proud member of the Old Lazarus’ Harp Folk Collective. Emily has played traditional music festivals such as Wheatland Music Festival (MI) and the Midwest Sing and Stomp (IL). Emily has opened for Elizabeth Laprelle, and shared a bill with the likes of Jim Lauderdale and Bruce Molsky. She has studied ballad singing with Michael and Carrie Kline. She is inspired by artists such as Gillian Welch, Jean Ritchie, and Connie Converse.



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