Ecce Shnak, Strawberry Cheesesteak, Crystal Clear

Ecce Shnak

Ecce Shnak (pronounced "eh-kay sh-knock") is a Philadelphia-based sextet with a flying roundhouse kick of a live show. Their songwriting achieves a fine balance between catchy and outlandish, as smatterings of Miles Davis, Devo, and Primus inform their boldly unique take on indie-rock. A flirtatious female-male vocal duo, trumpet and keyboard flourishes, guitar lines both jagged and melodious, and a rambunctious rhythm section express their jarring and still singable lyrics on death, loneliness, and... toys. The band prides itself on theatrical interactions with its audiences, sledge-hammering the 4th wall in surprising and hilarious ways. Ecce Shnak's live debut opening for Philadelphia's Dangerous Ponies last December was met with ecstatic applause. They now look forward to extensive touring and recording in the months and years ahead. Incipit parodia!

Strawberry Cheesesteak

The salty/sweet/savory funk prog demolition crew will leave your noggin swimming in a sea meat and fruit products.

Crystal Clear

Indie Pop-Rockers looking to share our sounds from this galaxy to the next!

Crystal Clear is a band created by 6 college students at the University of New Haven. The band consists of Jake Goode (Vocals, Guitar), Ken Fabian (Vocals, Ukulele), Jo Sinta, (Vocals, Keyboard, Melodica), Joey Stanca (Acoustic/Electric Guitar), Stephen DeRose Jr. (Bass), and Jameson Hegger (Drums/Percussion)


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