Jacques Le Coque, Eddie Golden III, Tate and Silas

Jacques Le Coque

CT sweethearts Jacques Le Coque have spent nearly a decade charming with a bevy of hooky hits and powerhouse performances, proving to be a sharp capital-R Rock & Roll band ready to step out of the garage and into your hearts. Killer hooks, hyped up good vibrations and wild eyed smiles both live and on record are a guarantee these gentlemen positively deliver in full.

Eddie Golden III

New England Experimental and Spiritual Adventurism.

"Music and art for those who long to be spooked by a real ghost," I said in a fukd voice. Past acts include The Guru (https://theguru.bandcamp.com/) and The Hiya Dunes (https://thehiyadunes.bandcamp.com/).

Tate and Silas

Tate & Silas are a two piece band from Branford, CT. The band consists of Tate Brooks (Guitar, Vocals) and Silas Lourenco-Lang (Bass, Kick Drum, Vocals). Looking for answers and taking names, writing songs of love + loneliness.



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