Eight Weeks for Access: The Big Party

The Big Party

Mark the end of an eight week fundraising effort with and all day party at the Hideout!
Grilled meat and vegetables, sides, sweets and much more from CAFE MARIE-JEANNE, RED & WHITE, CELLAR DOOR PROVISIONS and LULA CAFE available for sale.
LIVE music and DJs all day!
Win big on our raffle of some amazing prizes! Collector’s set of Vernal gin from Letherbee? Special tasting menu at Lula? Wine party at Red & White? We got that, and many more rare dining and drinking offers from all of our partner establishments!
Beer from WHINER, MIDDLEBROW, and a special gin cocktail featuring LETHERBEE for sale at the bar.

Eight Weeks for Access

In May 2019, Alabama passed a law outlawing abortion, and six other states (Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and Ohio) have passed so-called fetal heartbeat laws that effectively prohibit abortions after six to eight weeks of pregnancy, when doctors can usually start detecting fetal cardiac activity.
Limiting the procedure to before eight weeks in pregnancy is effectively a complete ban. Many people do not learn they are pregnant until after 8 weeks leaving them no choice on what to do.
Eight Weeks for Access is an effort to get funding into the hands of organizations who can directly help people in need find access to safe and legal obortion. For more information about what organizations we are benefitting, see the “Beneficiaries” page.
These laws are currently blocked by the courts but there is concern that the current makeup of the supreme court will eventually allow these laws to stand.
Even without these laws, people in these states still have to undergo extreme and unnecessary hurdles to access abortion services. Over 50% of these people live in counties without an abortion provider and are required to travel extensively to get necessary care. There are mandatory waiting periods between counseling and the procedure sometimes requiring two separate visits to the clinic, and thus two times taking off work. Medicaid Insurance does not cover the procedures. All of these state-imposed barriers put financial burdens on those who cannot afford them, limiting their ability to access the healthcare they need.
Eight Weeks for Access was founded to help people with the least access to abortion care.
For the duration of eight weeks, You can support this cause by patronizing the Chicago businesses listed on the “Partners” page of this site looking for items on the food, beer, and cocktail menus with a note indicating that the proceeds will go toward Eight Weeks for Access.
After these eight weeks, each business involved will pass the torch to another Chicago establishment, so that the effort and support for people who need safe and legal access can continue and spread.

This full-band incarnation of songwriter Anna Holmquist’s music features the talents of Chris Colson, Will Kyriazis, Tim Newsum, Katelyn Cohen and Raul Cotaquispe. Some might call them folk and some might call them rock, but what you’ll never call them is LATE TO DINNER. Ester’s music is best heard in a house full of mirrors. Use it as the soundtrack to your yo-yo competition. Available to play weddings and funerals.

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