Tenci (Album Release)


Tenci, formed in Chicago in the winter of 2018, offers introspective bedroom-folk by singer/songwriter Jess Shoman. After a self-released demo, Jess was joined by bassist, Tina Scarpello, who brought a trusting spine to the songs.
They just released their first full-length album, My Heart is an Open Field, where they're joined by a blessed group of Chicago musicians. The album is about laying everything out in the open — picking at your own knots, lifting scabs and eventually joining yourself in present-form. This is the most involved and intentional piece of work they’ve put together. With a new garden of instrumentation (cello, sax, flute to name a few), Tenci has created the world that they’ve always dreamed of.

Out August 3rd on Don Giovanni Records, SadBad is the second full-length by Izzy True. It’s a record about death and getting dumped at the end of the world. The songs were mostly written in Chicago in an apartment on the 11th floor of a tall building that would eventually turn out to have bedbugs and to which True can no longer return because it is no longer rented by people they love. That music was then carried back to upstate New York where it was subjected to TOTAL INSTRUMENTATION courtesy of the True’s dear friends and collaborators, Angela Devivo and Kyra Skye. SadBad was then further illuminated via guest appearances by Sheer Mag’s Kyle Seely and multi-instrumentalist Curt Oren. The record will be released digitally and also as a pack of stickers with a complimentary download code. Bless this mess.



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