Augie Meyers (Texas Tornados) & The Bandoleros

Augie Meyers (Texas Tornados) & The Bandoleros

Augie Meyers is a Tex-Mex Star, his style and Vox Continental has become one of music's most distinctive keyboard sounds around. Augie Meyers is a lock on the Top 10 All-Time Rock & Roll Keyboard Riffs, boasting a career only a few can match. Ever since his Vox organ on the Sir Douglas Quintet's "She's About a Mover" “Mendocino"and "Nuevo Laredo" hit with Texas twang to his Grammy-winning work with the hugely successful supergroup known as the Texas Tornados, with Doug Sahm, Flaco Jimenez, and Freddy Fender known worldwide as the creators of South Texas sound.
Meyers has stood on a Hall of Fame lifetime as the godfather of San Antonio rock, poster child for staying and playing on the Alamo City's home team in the Texas league – white boy, vato, soul man, musician. His career has crisscrossed cultural boundaries for decades. He looms large not only in the musical back pages of San Antonio, but of Austin, San Francisco, Scandinavia, and points in between. His potent stew of rock, blues, country, and conjunto is at once distinct and distinguished. Along the way, he's written songs like "Hey Baby Kep Pa So" that stand as anthems to the nowhere-but-Texas Lone Star attitude.
Augie can be heard as well as on landmark albums by Bob Dylan (”Time Out of Mind” and “Love and Theft”) and John Hammond (“Wicked Grin”). Echoes of the Meyers' style and sound can be heard in the music of the Doors, the Kinks, the Animals as well as the Beatles just to name a few. An im- pact that is still being felt in rock 'n' roll today.

Hey Baby Kep Pa So -
Mendocino -
Live on Letterman:

Quote from Bob Dylan:
"Augie's my man. He's like an intellectual who goes fishing using bookworms. Seriously though, he's the shining example of a musician, Vox player or otherwise, who can break the code. His playing speaks volumes. Speaks in tongue actually. He can bring a song, certainly any one of mine, into the real world. I've loved his playing going all the way back to the Sir Doug days when he was featured and dominant. What makes him so great is that internally speaking, he's the master of syncopation and timing. And this is something that cannot be taught. If you need someone to get you through the shipping lanes and there's no detours, Augie will get you right straight through....Augie's your man."

Quote from John Hammond:
"Augie is one of the gems of the universe and is one of the greatest musicians that I've had the honor of working with. His musical instincts are impeccable, he's just a natural."

The Bandoleros

The Bandoleros are led by Frank Carillo the epitome of the "musician's musician." Throughout his career, his craftsmanship as a gifted world-class guitar player, electrifying stage performances, memorable prolific songwriting and his warm and affable persona have allowed him to make an indelible mark on the international music scene.

In 1972 and 1973 respectively, Frank traveled to England to add his distinctive guitar sound and style to Peter Frampton's Wind of Change and Frampton's Camel albums for A&M Records.

In 1973, he formed Doc Holiday which recorded its first album at Olympic Studios in England for Metromedia Records. The album was produced by Chris Kimsey, who had just finished recording the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album at Olympic. Kimsey obtained permission for the band to use the Stones' equipment to record their album. As if using the Stones' equipment wasn't enough, the members of Led Zeppelin, who were mixing their Houses of the Holy album in the adjoining studio, became fast friends, which culminated one night in an unforgettable Led Zeppelin - Doc Holiday jam session at Olympic.

Arriving back in England in 1974, he recorded French superstar Johnny Hallyday's album "Insolitudes." Frank penned the title track "La Solitude" which was a multi- platinum smash hit throughout Europe.

In 1978, Carillo released his first album for Atlantic Records, Rings Around the Moon, which included backing vocals by Yvonne Elliman, who had a tremendous hit with her performance on the Jesus Christ Superstar album singing "I Don't Know How To Love Him" and as a member of Eric Clapton's band singing backing vocals on the hit, "I Shot the Sheriff." Just prior to the release of Rings Around the Moon, Led Zeppelin had requested that Carillo be their opening act for a forthcoming North American tour, the first time Led Zeppelin used an opening act for a North American stadium-size tour. The tour was cancelled when, tragically, Robert Plant's son died.

Carillo toured extensively throughout 1978 and 1979, playing with such acts as the J. Geils Band, Cheap Trick, Van Halen and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. During a break in touring late in 1978, Frank found time to collaborate with Carly Simon, co-writing the song, "Pure Sin." Frank played guitar on the track, which was produced by world-renowned producer Arif Mardin for Carly's Spy album. The second Carillo album, Street of Dreams, was released on Atlantic in 1979 and also had another luminary doing backing vocals: Michael Bolton. After the release of this album, Frank embarked on a 64-show U.S.A. tour opening for Bad Company. Playing to sold-out audiences in major areas across America, Carillo stunned the critics and fans with electrifying shows that received rave reviews throughout the United States, with standing ovations and encores occurring at every show. The tour culminated in San Antonio, Texas, when after Bad Company's show, Carillo and Bad Company came out on stage and jammed, rocking the roof off the building! In 1986, Frank began writing and producing sessions with famed British model, actress, and singer Twiggy while she was in New York performing in a Broadway play. These sessions once again brought Frank and Carly Simon together, performing backing vocals on the Twiggy recordings.

Steve Mednick & Hard Road

Steve Mednick goes back a long time with the likes of Bob Dylan, Sir Paul McCartney, Stephen Stills, Richard Thompson, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Ray Davies, Joni Mitchell and other great songwriters of our times…he owns all of their albums and has seen many of their concerts. Since 2006 he has recorded and published 166 songs working with Connecticut singer-songwriter and producer Eddie Seville at Cottage Sounds Studios in Middlebury. In addition to Eddie, Steve’s recordings have featured Billy K (of Steel Rodeo), Karl Allweier (of the Bandoleros), Bob Loveday (of Sir Bob Geldoff’s band), Matt Cartsonis (who has partnered with Warren Zevon and John McEuen), Ashley Bathgate (of Bang on a Can All-Stars) and his Hard Road mate, Tony Casagrande. At Café Nine he will be playing an assortment of his songs including some new ones from his latest CD “Ceremony of Innocence” (2016), which also features fellow New Haven singer-songwriter Seth Adam. .

“Mednick writes intelligent, critical songs about any wrongdoing he encounters, but he always seems nevertheless to remain optimistic and on “Never Mind the Rain” there is even room for a few melancholy songs about love, friendship and saying goodbye.” Van Moors Magazine, June 2014. Each new CD “…is a spellbinding, unique trip from a man who has plenty to say, and has the voice, studio production, and the songs to back it up…You might think “Root of the Sun” would suffer under all that musical weight, but not when you write, sing, play and, yes, inspire with the passion of Mednick. Equal parts personal, political and passionate, these 17 songs somehow don’t seem like nearly enough, and it seems, based on his past productivity, that Mednick will give us even more, sooner rather than later.” Mark Gould, Sound Waves Magazine, July 30, 2015.


Steve, Tony and the late Chip Damiani (of the Remains) formed Hard Road in July of 2009. The band features a hard driving rhythm section that was anchored by Chip until his untimely passing in 2014. Along with some of Steve’s original songs the band covers Dylan, the Beatles, Stones, Zevon, Allman Brothers, Clapton, Neil Young, CSN, Eagles, Jackson Browne and other classic rock and blues music. Steve is a rhythm guitarist and keyboard player who shares principal vocal duties with Tony who plays the keys. Tony’s skillful vocals carries his own performance and provides the foundation for some of the challenging harmonies the band tackles in its set. Steve and Tony, in another band, once played stage one at the River Bend Festival in Chattanooga closing the show for ZZ Top…or, put another way, ZZ Top opened the show for them.

Al Bartozzi started playing drums 49 years ago, marking his first gig at age 11, entering the club and local hall circuit with Milestone when he was 16; and opening for many national touring acts at the Meadows and Oakdale . He was a drum instructor at Rockhouse school of music for 15 years and a private teacher for over 25 years. He has played in many rock bands (Live/Studio: Milestone, Still Hope, The Season. One Way Ticket and Mark Space; Live: Scarlett Lee More, Black Out and the Federation; Country Rock Bands: “Annie and the Mixers; and the Hank Rowland Band; and wedding bands: the Majestics and Essence). He and his partner in the rhythm section, Wayne Bonin, played together in the Savin Rock Band and The Remedy. Wayne plays the 4 and 5 string bass and sings high harmonies in Hard Road. His father was a big band trumpet player in the ‘40s and Wayne followed in his footsteps (classically trained) until he purloined his sister’s guitar at the tender age of 12 (the statute of limitations has expired so it is ok to inform you that he still has the guitar in his possession). Like many bass players his career took off when no one else wanted to work at the bottom end of the band. Over the years he was played in the Brian Butler Quartet, the Remedy and the Savin Rock Band.

Vinny Cervoni plays the lead guitar, sings the blues and cajoles, at least, one band member who doesn’t change his strings often enough. He is a master at bringing the right sound at the right time and playing to the song. His influences say it all: Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder. He also plays with Bluzberry Pi and the late 42nd Street Band.



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