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Matt Sohl is a multi instrumentalist hailing originally from Maine. Now, making his home in Brooklyn. After a decade of experience playing in various musical projects, Sohl is finally doing things on his terms. Sohlaroids is a new rock sound all his own. “Popcorn Field Day” his first EP recorded at Flux Studios in New York City (The Strokes, Andre 3000) is entirely written and tracked by Sohl with the exception of percussion by long time friend Josh Burkett. The future is clear, you will hear much more of Sohlaroids in 2019.

"Hailing from Astoria, Queens, The Poynt have earned a reputation as NYC’s rock band. With their “never play it safe” attitude, The Poynt have taken convention by the balls.

The release of their 2015 debut album This is American Royalty highlighted the issues of societal obsession with both deifying and crucifying the modern celebrity through an intricate, progressive rock concept album. Uber Rock’s Ross Welford writes that the album was done with “such professionalism that it's hard not to think of The Poynt as a lot larger band than they actually are.”

After a year of supporting the album, The Poynt returned to the studio in 2016. With a different stylistic approach in mind for the follow up album, The Poynt reminisced back to those moments in music that changed each band member’s life, and the common factor: 90's rock. Out of this emerged the Alpha Queue series, a two-part EP that traverses the alternative rock realm with elements that define the “high quality rock n’ roll” essence that is The Poynt. The first EP, Alpha Queue, premiered digitally on March 31, 2017, and physical distributions will see a street date on June 2, 2017. Alpha Queue II is scheduled for a 2018 fourth-quarter release.

Alpha Queue has been well received thus far, and it has allowed The Poynt to play alongside Sponge, Tantric, Angel Vivaldi, Eyes Set to Kill, Doll Skin, Message from Sylvia, Eve to Adam, Michael Angelo Batio, as well as forming artist relationships with companies like Moniker Guitars and Source Audio.

In sum, from progressive to grunge to alternative rock (and everything in between), The Poynt finds its comfort zone in drawing inspiration outside of the lines. "


Finnish Death Metal band from Maaninka/ Kuopio. Formed back in 1997. Renamed to Deathchain in 2001, but reformed temporarily in 2006 in order to record one sole album. The album was however not recorded/released before 2009.

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