Front Bar Songwriter Showcase

Ty Maxon is a Michigan native but calls Chicago home these days. He has recently been featured on NPR's The Morning Shift as well as Daytrotter who named Maxon's "I Will Die Tonight" one of the best songs of 2014. He is currently recording his next full-length LP, "Rooms Within Rooms," to be released later this year.

Last year’s Calling of the Crows—whose stripped-down instrumentation and backwoods, swampy folk give it moments of bare darkness—opens with its best track, so that I was sold right away. “To Theoda” is a frail yarn, with Ryan Suzuka’s harmonica weaving through guitar and banjo, and Maxon commands it totally, not only with his beautiful guitar melody but also with the way he holds on to his notes when he sings—it’s as though he’s trying to get you to gently cock your head and listen in.
—The Chicago Reader

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