Ase Manual, Anteloper, Joe Jeffers

Ase Manual

ASE MANUAL, a producer/DJ born in Newark NJ, has defined himself by his fresh take on East Coast Club Music: a soul-driven sound seamlessly maneuvering between booty-bounce club bops and hypnotizing melodic jams.


ANTELOPER is the electric brain child of JAIMIE BRANCH (fly or die, high life) and JASON NAZARY (little women, helado negro, bear in heaven). Branch and Nazary have been playing together as trumpeter and drummer for years, since meeting at the New England Conservatory of Music in 2002, but in this duo both musicians include synthesizers to push further into the spectral space ship ether. With deep rhythmic passages, telepathic improvisations and effortless melodic negotiations, Anteloper pushes forward, swinging its horns all the while.

Joe Jeffers

JOE JEFFERS is an ambient scientist/vocalist and will release his forthcoming record "Amateur Physcology" this July on eflux.



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