Exhumed Films: 16mm Deep Cuts From the Vault

Exhumed Films: 16mm Deep Cuts From the Vault

On August 16, Exhumed Films will continue its new series at PhilaMOCA showcasing some of their favorite deep cuts from the archives. Shown from 16mm film, the focus will be on rare titles that have slipped through the cracks for most people, and the presentations will be double bills tied together by a certain actor, director or theme, etc. Much of the material that will be playing are films that are not currently available on DVD or Blu-ray. In every case, these are films that they’ve been wanting to introduce to a wider audience for many years. Similar to eX-Fest, the titles will not be advertised — but there will be hints as to each show’s theme — to keep the films a surprise until they unspool. These programs will be carefully selected for your approval, so we hope you’ll come out to discover some of your new favorite movies with us!

$10.00 - $12.00


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