McKenzie Diamond

McKenzie Diamond

Though Mckenzie Diamond currently resides in Richmond, Virginia she is a native of Guyana, a country located on the northern coast of South America. Guyana is historically known as the land of many waters. She derived her stage name from the town in which she was born (Mackenzie Linden).

Sue-Ann Melba Providence was born March 17, 1986 to Tessa Providence and Marlon Richmond. Marlon a well- known singer and musician formed a band with his brother Stevie Richmond and performed locally at different venues in Linden. Ironically Mckenzie would follow right in her father's footsteps despite leaving Guyana at an early age.

Mckenzie knew she loved to sing and began doing so at the early age of 3. Mckenzie's mother was determined to make a better life for herself, Mckenzie and her older sister (Stacy Alberts) moved to the United States when Mckenzie was only 4 years old. There she resided in Brooklyn New York's Flatbush with their grandmother (Melba Providence) and attended P.S. 92 and would often surprise her mother with trophies won at school talent shows for belting out hits like Whitney Houston's " The Greatest Love of All". Who would have ever known that little shy and timid Mckenzie could sing? she later relocated to Bedstuysavent where she attended I.S. 271 and involved herself in performing arts.

Mckenzie has a style like no other in the local music business as she belts out her sultry eclectic mix of ballads and neo soul. Mckenzie often mixes the two with ease in a rare, energetic and entertaining way that fuses the two genres of old school soul with new school flare. Her musical taste spans more than a generation and reads like a who's who in the music industry. She list some of her major influences with such legendary names like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Whitney Houston, and of course " The King of Pop" Michael Jackson.

Mckenzie is certainly a diamond in the rough but she is quickly becoming a polished jewel as she continues to perfect her craft.If you ever have the opportunity to see her perform don't pass up on the chance as it will certainly be well worth your while and not easily forgotten. Mckenzie is truly a jewel of the Caribbean and will shine bright like a diamond, for a long time to come.

Gail Branch

“Why not me, why not now?”

That’s the question he frequently asks as he ages like fine wine. To say he’s a hard worker with a laser-focused soul would be an understatement. The 6ft, 225lb Savour (Daniel M. Salley) native of Columbia, South Carolina was born May 31, 1977. He is an American R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer better known for the songs “Left Right Left” and “Lucky Lady” both Co-written by Clef Majorz (Walter A. Pitchford).

Savour Inherited his love of rhythm and blues, jazz, reggae, Go-Go, and hip-hop while growing up in multiple households throughout his childhood. The diversity helped hone the vocal skills that morphed into the grown flavor with enriched seductiveness he now possesses. He serenaded the masses with the group (Soul Mello) and the band (Soul Unlimited) from North Carolina to Virginia to exotic dwellings throughout the world. His musical influencers include artists in the likes of D’Angelo, Jaheim, Raheem Devaughn, Anthony Hamilton, Tank, Luther Vandross, and Teddy Pendergrass.

In 2019, Savour decided to pursue his passion and devote his love to music. He partnered up with Clef Majorz in Richmond, Virginia where the collaboration and magic began. The two tracks produced received vast amounts of praise and aided in the launch of the Savour brand. He is an avid people person that relishes the sight of others who achieve success. Savour openly fosters an aura that promotes and encourages selfless service towards others.

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My name is Dometri Michaels, 28 from VA, originally from a small town called Louisa va. I've been in rva going on 5 years. I grew up in the church, sang alot of places, I hope many souls were saved along the road, and I have had some highs and lows but I continued to push. I always enjoyed rythem and blues, so now days gospel and r&b is my story, it's who I am and have always been.

I've been focused in the studio, working on my first official album entitled "Me" . release date: 1st quarter of 2020

Taesean Blanding

Taesean Blanding is an inspirational/soulful artist from Hopewell Va. Taesean has been performing in different areas in the past 8 years. Taesean is also an Actor/Play write. He has been in multiple theatre Productions, and played a supporting role in the Indie Film "Nujay's Once Upon A Christmas". He has received the Fan favorite Best Supporting Actor Award for his role as Quinton in the Indie film. Taesean also received multiple awards for his theatre roles. He has four mixtapes out and is recently working on his EP.

Clef Majorz

Clefmajorz was Born in Richmond july 27 1989. He fell in love with music in grade school and still is his passion til today. Highland Springs graduate and also attended JCSU. Today he is a full time engineer, producer and artist with aspirations of making to the next level and leaving a mark in history as one of the greatest. Follow Clef Majorz on all social media outlets @Clefmajorz

Garnet Boldin

Hailing out of Petersburg, VA is a passionate and creative comedian, media personality, and event host motivated to make differences for all!

The Latin sensation Friday Love, with roots hailing from the Dominican Republic to New York, brings fire and sassiness to the stage. Inspired by her father Juan Lanfranco, who is a singer, song writer, musician, and composer. Friday Love was born into music and has carried on the legacy of sharing her music with the world. At a young age, she learned various instruments, notably the xylophone and flute, which landed her the opportunity to lead the band. With music flowing within herald being groomed to be an amazing instrumentalist, Friday's love for music led her to the stage. Influences from genres such as R&B, Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop Soul, and Neo Soul. Friday Love has developed a soulful style fusing R&B, Soul and Neo-Soul mixed with a Latin flavor, Jazz and Hip-Hop making her a unique performer and a trendsetter in her own right.

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